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Air Conditioning System For MI series Helicopter:

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We are OEM Paravion Technology Inc, USA approved and authorized maintenance, repair, overhaul , sale and stock holding facility for air conditioning system AE-817 series. The facility is approved and certified by director general of aeronautical quality assurance, India. Air Conditioning system AE-817-120-2l are in service on MI 17 series helicopter of IAF.

Auxiliary Power Unit SAFIR K/G MI

We are OEM PBS,Velka Bites, CZ approved and authorized service centre, sale and stock holding facility for Auxiliary Power Unit SAFIR 5 K/G MI and it’s aggregates which are in service with IAF on Mi 17 Helicopter. The facility is approved and certified by director general of aeronautical quality assurance, India.

Upgradation & modification of Helicopter

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Case Studies:

MRO Services for MI 17 helicopter aggregates

We provide MRO services for helicopter and aircraft aggregates sourced through there respective OEM. These includes but not limited to :

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Aerospace component precision machining



We are authorized partner for sale, supply, value addition and after sale support of investment casting products for PBS Velka Bites, Czech Republic, EU.

První brněnská strojírna Velká Bíteš a. s. (PBS Velka Bites, a. s.), are the original equipment manufacturer of precision investment casting products for Aerospace, Oil & Gas, Power and Transportation industry. 

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Range of products includes:

Super Precision Bearings

We are the authorized distributor of JSC Vologda Bearing Factory , Russia ( Trademark VBF).

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Ideal for high precision applications including :

aviation HAND FIRE EXTINGUISHERS (op1 & op2 )

We are the authorized distributor of PPSZLLC – “Enterprise for Manufacturing of Protective Equipment”- who are the only manufacturer of the ОР-1 and ОР-2 hand fire extinguishers in Russia.

The OP1 and OP2 type hand fire extinguishers are intended for installation on aircraft as firefighting equipment for fires in the cockpits, passenger cabins, cargo and luggage compartments

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Fire extinguishers are charged with a water-ethylene glycol mixture or halon.

Hydraulic & Pneumatic Test Benches / rigs

We have specifically designed hydraulic & pneumatic special purpose rigs to meet the complex demand of our customers specifications.

We also have designed & manufactured a range of hydraulic aircraft servicing trolleys with both electric & diesel power packs for operations on rotary & fixed wing aircrafts. The trolley have either single or dual output and can operate with pressurized, self pressurizing or un-pressurized aircraft reservoirs.


Ground handling & support equipment

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